captain chris recchioCAPTAIN CHRIS RECCHIO

Originally from upstate New York, most of Chris’ childhood (since the age of 5) was spent right here in West Palm Beach, where he learned to fish. When Chris turned 15, friends of his family invited him to fish with them in the Bahamas where he caught his first blue marlin. From that point on he was in love with blue water fishing, leading Chris to any job that would allow him to work as a sportfisherman. In 1998, he took a job working on a commercial fishing boat, but his passion was to return to sport fishing, which came about in 2000 when he met up when Mike and Erika Miller, owners of Fish Me Charters and took up the job as first mate on their 45-foot Cabo.

So impressed by Chris’ fishing skills and ability to make clients feel like they are having fun even on the slowest days on the water, Mike & Erika moved Chris the following year to captain. When their 45-foot Cabo was replaced in 2006 with the current boat, a 54-foot custom built Sculley Sportfisherman named Fish With Me after the company, accordingly, Chris was made her master and commander.

“Working for Fish With Me Charters presented me with fantastic fishing opportunities in places like the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica and North Carolina, in addition to right here in Palm Beach, Florida.”

Now Chris’ friendly, fun loving nature is still equally matched by his passion for blue water fishing, which has made him recognizable among the South Florida sport fishing community.