Policies & FAQs

What is your reservation policy?

To make a reservation we require a credit card number. We will only charge the credit card if you fail to cancel your charter in accordance with our cancellation policy.

What is your customer cancellation policy?

We have a 72-hour cancellation policy. You can cancel your reservation 72 hours before your scheduled departure time without penalty. Customers canceling inside of 72 hours will be charged 100% of the charter cost. Inside 72 hours, the captain will cancel a charter only if the weather conditions pose a concern for safety. If we cancel a trip there is no charge. For Fishing Tournaments, our tournament cancellation policy is 2 weeks. If we can find another guest to fill your spot there will be no charge.

What is your weather cancellation policy?

If the captain decides while leaving the inlet that the weather is a concern for your safety you will return to the dock and there will be no charge.

What is your policy for sea sickness?

Unfortunately we are not able to issue refunds if a customer requests to return to the dock due to motion sickness if the sea conditions are considered safe. If you are prone to motion sickness or are not sure if you might be affected consider taking an over the counter motion sickness medicine according to the directions which usually means the night before your trip. You can also obtain a prescription from your doctor for controlling motion sickness.


What time should I arrive?

We suggest guests arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the boat is scheduled to leave so you can check in and have time to get settled. The trip will leave promptly on time!

Are children allowed? I would like to include my family.

Fish With Me Charters is a family oriented business so we understand the importance and joy of making your kids a part of your fishing adventure. So yes, children are allowed to join us as we feel no angler is too young. We particularly enjoy children, as it is great to get them oriented to just how fun sport fishing can be.

One of our group or family is physically disabled, will they still be able join us on the water?

We have handled a number of our guests who are handicapped, including a couple that were wheelchair bound, but for us to be able to help, we ask that you contact us directly to discuss the nature of the disability so that we can best devise and coordinate how we will be able to accommodate you.

What if I, or somebody else in our group doesn’t want to fish?

That choice is up to you, just keep in mind that there is a six (6) person capacity.

Are crew members drug tested?

All our crew members are enrolled in the Maritime Drug Consortium. Employees must pass a pre-hire drug screening. During the calendar year the consortium draws from it’s pool of individuals who will have to respond to a request for a random drug test.

Do you support catch & release?

We are strong supporters of catch and release and try to promote the ideology that what you won’t eat should be released. The final decision to keep a fish is always left to the customer unless federal or state laws prevent us from keeping the fish.

What if I want a trophy of my catch? Where can I find Taxidermy?

Make your trip complete by making a trophy of your catch. We are agents for your taxidermy needs and can assist with lining up the right place to make your adventure complete…not just a fish tale.